DLS Filings

Dept. of Labor Services Requirements

As per the Rules & Regulations by the Division of Labor Services (DLS) and in accordance with the obtainment of the ICAP benefits for projects for which the hard construction costs are $2.5 million or more, it is required compliance with federal, state, and local equal employment opportunity obligations. The requirements include the submission of an Employment Report, for the owner, containing information of the employment policies and practices and workforce composition. Subsequently, the DLS will analyze the report to determine if the contractor maintains nondiscriminatory hiring and employment practices. In addition, it is required that every subcontractor, whose contract is less than a million, submits a less than a million affidavit. If the amount remitted to the subcontractor exceeds $1 million, an employment report will be necessary, as well as monthly payroll records for all of his employees. The Dept. of Labor Services also requires the solicitation of minority firms (MWBE) for each trade. 3 minority firms should be solicited for each trade. We at Metropolitan Realty Exemptions will guide you through the entire process up to the obtainment of the DLS approval letter.

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