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Property Tax Incentive Programs Simplified

Metropolitan Realty Exemptions will save you millions of dollars in Property Tax on your building by filing the appropriate Tax Incentive Program.

Metropolitan Realty Exemption Services

Offered For: New Construction Residential buildings, or Existing building adding more than 50% of square footage

At Metropolitan Realty Exemptions we have an affordable marketing division under the name “Reside New York” which acts as an approved HPD Affordable Marketing Agency.

The Industrial Commercial Abatement Program (ICAP) is designed for new buildings or alterations on commercial properties.


Offered For: Multi Family Residential Alterations

The Affordable Independent Residence for Seniors (AIRS) Program provides bonus floor area if the developer chooses to create permanently affordable housing for seniors.

Offered for: New residential buildings located in specific mapped areas

Offered For: Multi Family Residential buildings

Offered For: Occupancies used by Nonprofit establishments

Offered for: Mixed use developments leasing and utilizing the retail space for operation of a grocery store.

Prevailing wage is the wage and benefit rate set annually by the New York City Comptroller for each trade or occupation for employers performing public works projects and building service work on New York City government-funded work sites as well as service employees of properties benefitting from various tax abatements.

Metropolitan Realty Exemptions In A Nutshell

Metropolitan Realty Exemptions Inc. are leading experts in NYC tax abatement filings. For the past 20 years our firm has serviced property owners and developers as a one-stop shop for all your property tax needs.

Working with clients, and getting their needs met is our specialty. Metropolitan Realty prides itself on providing the very best in customer satisfaction.

Introducing MRE Tax Programs

At Metropolitan Realty Exemptions Inc., we pride on servicing our clients for the past twenty years in all their property Tax Incentive Program filing needs. We understand the effect and burden of the property taxes liabilities following completion of construction due to increased improved value, coupled with complicity of developing a new building or conduct an alteration of an existing building, we are therefore committed in making the property tax filing as easy as possible.

Important to note that some of the property Tax Incentive programs must be filed prior to the issuance of the NB/Alteration permits, in addition the planning of the layout or unit mix of the building will affect the eligibility and maximizing the tax incentive benefits. Therefore, it’s imperative to contact our professional staff at “Metropolitan Realty Exemptions” during the planning stages to insure maximum benefits.

Our staff will guide you with the outmost professionalism on how to proceed with your planning and tax incentive filings, which will result in huge tax breaks/benefits for your building.

What We Do


Are you planning a development or renovation? Let’s plan together. We will uniquely assess and evaluate your upcoming project and fit the applicably suited Tax Incentive Program.


We’ll advise your architect the ideal approach on the building’s unit/square footage configuration in conjunction with the Tax Program togenerate the most affordable and profitable outcome.


MRE professionals will file the appropriate Tax Incentive Program with the relevant city agency and obtain the benefits.



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