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The Team At Metropolitan Realty Exemptions

At Metropolitan Realty Exemptions Inc., we pride ourselves on servicing our clients for the past fifteen years in all of their property Tax Incentive Program filing needs. At MRE we aim to alleviate the burden of the developers who struggle with increased property taxes liabilities following completion of construction due to increased improved value which is coupled with the complexity of constructing a new building or the alteration of an existing building. We are therefore committed in making the property tax filing as easy as possible.

It is important to note, that some of the filings for Property Tax Incentive Programs must be submitted prior to the issuance of initial new building or alteration permits. In addition, a project’s eligibility is also dependent on it’s layout and unit mix. Therefore, it’s imperative to be in contact with our professional staff at “Metropolitan Realty Exemptions” during the planning stages of construction in order to ensure the obtainment of the maximum benefits.

Our staff will guide you with the utmost professionalism and advise you on how to proceed, which will result in huge savings in property tax liabilities.

Our Ceo

Martin Joseph is founder and CEO of “Metropolitan Realty Exemptions Inc.” and “Reside New York LLC”, bringing more than fifteen years of executive experience with Property Incentive Tax Exemptions filings throughout New York City’s five boroughs.

Martin has witnessed himself the complicity of having property tax incentive program filed properly on his residence, which encouraged him to found “Metropolitan Realty Exemptions”, with the sole goal and vision of assisting property owners with their tax filings to avoid experiencing bumps and frustration. After a short while of hard work and dedication to his clients, assembling and training a team of top professionals for each program, the young business rapidly expanded offering additional services on property tax filings including, 421a, ICAP, J-51, Inclusionary Housing, DHCR, and MDR program filings.

As a calculated risk-taker with deep industry knowledge, Martin has championed in Property Tax Filings services which resulted in savings tens of millions of dollars in annual property tax savings to his clients; his knowledge in the Tax Incentive programs for New Buildings and Alterations of existing commercial and residential buildings have motivated his clients to purchase properties and pursue with the applicable tax filing program.

Martin's Vision

Embracing the core values of integrity, innovation, and growth, Martin consistently ranks among the top experts in the industry by taking a vision and transforming it into reality.

Martin cares deeply for his team members and is committed to both business and individual successes. His ability to lift leaders up to optimal performance is evidenced by the team members work performances which exceeds their highest goals.

Creativity, drive and leadership are Martin’s greatest strengths. He thrives on all kinds of challenges, especially those that expand the company’s reach.

In 2018, Martin took his capabilities and ambitions to the next level by founding “Reside New York” an approved NYC HPD Affordable Marketing Agency which markets Affordable Housing units benefiting from various Tax Incentive Program throughout the five boroughs since its launching, “Reside New York” has successfully occupied hundreds of Affordable units to the satisfaction of its clients and the tenants.

Martin’s vision of offering all kinds of property tax filing programs and Affordable Marketing to owners and developers under one roof has truly come to fruition and creates the peace of mind to any developer or homeowner who’s conducting a renovation or new construction, knowing that the well-respected “Metropolitan Realty Exemptions” and “Reside New York” will take the burden and responsibility of the Property Tax Filing and Affordable Marketing.

Metropolitan Realty Exemption Services

Martin Joseph

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Position: MRE Manager

Harold Freund

Position: Vice President

Shaindy Hoffman

Position: J-51

Goldy Zupnick

Position: ICAP

Pearl Moskowitz

Position: ICAP


Position: ICAP


Position: ICAP

Chana Schlesinger

Position: 421a

Judy Lefkowitz

Position: 421a

Toby Moskowitz

Position: 421a


Position: 421a


Position: Inclusionary Housing

Gitty Ehrenfeld

Position: Inclusionary Housing

Perry Rosenfeld

Position: Inclusionary Housing

Shany Rosenberg

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Position: Prevailing NY

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Solomon Friedman

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